ÖVibe O

All the way to the big O.
ÖVibe O is all about your big O. We made a huge breakthrough in edge-cutting motor technology, ÖVibe O now delivers groundbreaking world-class orgasmic experience. Top it off with app-connected, highly customizable vibration pulses, your big O is guarantee to reel, and reverberate to the end of the hallway.

Ergonomic Design

Perfect angle for pleasure.
We designed every single detail with care. Every angle, every curve, are designed to meet your ultimate pleasurable experience.

Circular Motion

Ultimate orgasm comes full circle.
We constantly challenge ourselves to step outside of the box, to bring you the ultimate pleasurable experience up-to-date with our breakthrough technology. ÖVibe O hugs every inch of the wall with gentle massage, the motor roams in circular motion with every pulse while your imagination travels.

Wireless Charging

Effortlessly Charged.
We want you to enjoy the convenience of charging. We got rid of the power socket on the device just to further ensure your safety while using and cleaning our product.


Water off a duck’s back.
We want you to enjoy the convenience of charging. We got rid of the power socket on the device just to further ensure your safety while using and cleaning our product. ÖVibe O works with Qi wireless chargers commonly found in hotels, cafes, airports and cars.
ÖVibe’s battery lasts 180 days with power turned off.
Övibe lasts up to 2 hours with the highest vibration settings.
Slide to feel the power of vibration.

Customized Pattern

The unique pattern just for you.
Enhance every orgasm with ÖVibe custom settings. Create your own vibration patterns to your favorite songs or the mood of the evening. ÖVibe is the most powerful vibrator in the world. It gives you the control you need for ultimate pleasurable experience. With Öivita app connected, you can easily find your preferred intensity in the spectrum.

Öïvita App

It’s healthy pleasure.
Öivita app is more than just a controller of ÖVibe, it is designed to measure, and provide more insight to your sexual health.
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Default Patterns. ÖVibe O also performs great on its own. It comes in 5 vibration strengths, and 4 unique patterns in default. It’s hassle-free, no time-consuming setup.
Tap. Tap your finger on the screen to create your own vibration pattern. Once your finger leaves the screen the vibration stops.
Hold, and Drag. Press and hold your finger on the screen to create a constant vibration. Drag your finger upward to increase the vibration strength; downward to decrease the strength.
Popular Download. All the hottest vibration patterns in one place. You are able to create, and share your favorite pattern with the community. And don’t worry, you’ll stay anonymous.
Add to ÖVibe. Add your own patterns to ÖRing Plus through app as default pattern first, you are able to use your ÖRing without having to pair with an app every time you’re in the mood.

Tech Specs

Black, German-made medical grade silicone
7.7 inches
(195 mm)
1.6 inches
(40 mm)
1.7 inches
(43 mm)
4.23 ounces
(120 grams)
Motion Sensor
Dual MCU Intergrated
Charging, Power and Battery
Qi Wireless Charging
Li-ion , 650 mAh, 3.7 V
Standby 180 days
Vibration Pattern
5 strengths
4 Patterns
Custom patterns with Öivita app
Max dB
< 50 dB
iOS 10.3.2 later
Android 4.0 later
In the Box
ÖVibe O
Micro USB to USB 2.0 Cable
Wireless Charger
Discount Voucher