ÖRing Plus

The world’s smartest intimate wearable.
ÖRing Plus is a new, fun way to track your sexual health with custom vibrations, heart rate measurement, and blood oxygen tracking.
120 BMP

Heart Rate

Let your body talks.
Real-time heart rate tells you about your well-being. Whether it’s training or intimate pleasure, ÖRing Plus gives you the first hand condition for both health and pleasure.

Thrust Count

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
The edge-cutting technology allows ÖRing Plus to detect how fast you thrust, and how many times you thrust, even under intense vibration and extremely active condition.


Everything counts.
Paired with Öivita app, ÖRing Plus is able to keep your every sessions and progress in check. From thrust counts, heart rate, to SpO2 level, everything, every second counts.
298 KCAL


Bring the heat.
The advanced calories algorithm is able to tell how much you burn during each session, based on how you move, how fast you thrust, how fast your heart beats, precisely.
Close the ring. Complete your workout session with ÖRing Plus. Your complete session features more than calories, thrust count, and heart rate. It also tells you about your SpO2 level, stamina, even how heavy you thrust.

Ergonomic Design

For her, and for him.
ÖRing Plus is designed to meet her and his satisfaction. We made it to be enjoyable right when you take it out of the box. Sex-positive couples, singles, and combos of any type should feel as comfortable with their ÖRing Plus as they are with their partners.
Well-rounded shape, smooth surface. The silky-smooth surface glides gently through your skin, and the well-rounded ergonomic shape embraces every single curve of your anatomy. ÖRing Plus is your answer to ultimate female sexuality and pleasure.

Circular massage.

ÖRing Plus embodies the edge-cutting motor technology, which allows the spiral vibration to perform on both sides for perfect clitorial orgasm.

Gentle Tapping.

While ÖRing is giving you circular massage on the left and right, the front and the back give you the gentle tap you need to take it to the next level. One motor, different sesations.
Precisely for you, effectively for him. ÖRing Plus is designed to bring satisfactions to different genders in mind. The unique silicone engineering allows the vibration to be distributed more effectively, and it is structured to boost pleasure to vulva, as well as penis.

Solid Silicone Structure.

We made the silicone skin solid, so the vibration can be evenly distributed, all the way to the bottom of the ring.

Buzzing all around.

The vibration is effectively stimulating the base of the penis, giving you the ultimate buzzing sensation to jump to your climax.

Powerful Vibration

The Ring Leader runs in family.
ÖRing Plus, with our next generation motor, delivers one of the most powerful vibration in a massager in a wide spectrum stretches from a light touch to power house. ÖRing Plus is built to provide you the full control you need, to achieve your optimum level of pleasure.
Slide to feel the power of vibration.
Frequency matters. Stronger doesn’t translate into greater pleasure. Higher frenquncy means you are getting more taps per second, so you are less likely to become too numbed before you reach climax.
Refresh Frenquency
Other Brands
It goes deep. ÖRing Plus sends the vibration to your muscle layer, instead of staying on top of the skin surface, giving you gentle massage intead of taking away your sensations.
Strength in numbers. ÖRing Plus is leading some of the longest battery life in vibrating wearables in the industry. 75 mins on the highest settings, and up to 180 days in Standby mode.
Battery Life
ÖRing Plus
75 MIN
High-End Brand L
50 MIN
Brand W (Baseline)
35 MIN
longer than most brand

Wireless Charging

Effortlessly Charged.
ÖRing Plus charges in one hour and lasts for up to 1.25 hours on the highest setting. Simply place your device on the charging case, or your charging pad of choice, it will be ready whenever the mood hits.
ÖRing Plus’s battery lasts 180 days with power turned off.
ÖRing Plus lasts up to 1.25 hours with the highest vibration settings.

Seamless & Waterproof

High quality material with little effort to cleanse.
The seamless, German-made silicone skin allows ÖRing Plus to be waterproof up to a maximum depth of 3.3 feet (about one meter) for up to 60 minutes. That means you can bring it along for a romp in the shower, hot tub, or even the pool if you’re daring.
ÖRing Plus uses high quality, FDA approved silicone material, to ensure it is absolutely safe to make contact with the most intimate part of your body.
ÖRing Plus is built to be waterproof with IP68 certification. It means you can dip your vibrating ring in the water completely, and clean it with ease.

Öïvita App

Get creative with your buzz.
Enhance every orgasm with your unique settings. Create your own vibration patterns to your favorite songs or the mood of the evening. With Öivita app connected, you can easily find your preferred intensity in the spectrum.
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Default Patterns. ÖRing Plus also performs great on its own. It comes in 5 vibration strengths, and 4 unique patterns in default. It’s hassle-free, no time-consuming setup.
Tap. Tap your finger on the screen to create your own vibration pattern. Once your finger leaves the screen the vibration stops.
Hold, and Drag. Press and hold your finger on the screen to create a constant vibration. Drag your finger upward to increase the vibration strength; downward to decrease the strength.
Popular Download. All the hottest vibration patterns in one place. You are able to create, and share your favorite pattern with the community. And don’t worry, you’ll stay anonymous.
Add to ÖRing. Add your own patterns to ÖRing Plus through app as default pattern first, you are able to use your ÖRing without having to pair with an app every time you’re in the mood.

Tech Specs

Black, German-made medical grade silicone
2.6 inches
(65 mm)
1.8 inches
(46.6 mm)
1 inches
(26 mm)
1.2 inches
(29.6 mm)
1.41 ounces
(40 grams)
PPG Sensor
Motion Sensor
Dual MCU Intergrated
Charging, Power and Battery
Wireless Charging
Li-ion , 170 mAh, 3.7 V
Standby 180 days
Vibration Pattern
5 strengths
4 Patterns
Custom patterns with Öivita app
Max dB
< 50 dB
iOS 10.3.2 later
Android 4.0 later
In the Box
ÖRing Plus
Micro USB to USB 2.0 Cable
Wireless Charger
Discount Voucher